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eSet Meter Service

Bring your meters to us and we will test them on our MeterMax Ultra test stand. We do yearly testing, calibration and cleaning of all brands of meters. You will recieve a printout for each meter of the following: singulation, spacing, meter torque. We want you fully confident in your meters before you head to the field!


Full service installation of any product we sell. Competitively priced!

Pogo Scouting

Pogo is a device that allows us to get into the field with a grower to evaluate stands and planter performance throughout the growing season. It allows us to educate on poor planter performance and the direct cost to the grower each season. Results will allow us to determine a path to increased planter performance.

EM Mapping / Soil Nitrogen Testing

Detailed analysis of the field including water holding capacity and RTK elevation data. Data can be used for multiple variable rate solutions. $10/acre

Preseason Planter Inspections

With our preseason inspection program we can address problems with your planter before you go to the field. This ensures you minimize downtime during the most important pass of the year!

Data Analysis

We help identify areas of the field for further examination to determine the best course of action. Whether that will be more or less inputs to maximize profit potential for that acre.